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Cardenden Community Council

Cardenden Community Fund

Looking for funding?

What is the Cardenden Community Fund?

The Westfield (Cardenden) Community Fund is a charitable fund to support community groups that benefit residents living in the Cardenden Community Council area. The Fund is provided by Westfield Wind Farm Ltd (WWFL)., the company that owns and operates the Westfield wind farm. WWFL is a subsidiary of Infinis, the company that developed the wind farm.The community fund is managed by Foundation Scotland that has a strong track record of administering community benefit funds across Scotland.


What is the purpose of the Fund?

The fund will provide grants to support charitable activities that reflect the aims of the Cardenden Community Action Plan. It can help make some of the priorities or projects in the Action Plan happen!


Who can apply?

Groups and organisations working to benefit people in Cardenden can apply for grants from the fund. The group must have a constitution (governing document or set of rules) and be set up on a not-for-profit basis.


How do you apply?

For grants of between £250 and £1500 you can download the guidance and application form on this page or you can go to the Foundation Scotland website. .Infinis Westfield Cardenden Community Fund is now operating as a rolling programme, i.e. groups can apply at any time, there are no longer fixed deadlines.


Unconstituted groups

Groups who do not have a constitution can apply to Cardenden Community council for a micro-grant up to £250. Application forms can be dowloaded from this page or can be collected from Bowhill Community Centre.

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